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Inspired Flight

We develop and manufacture hardware for
commercial drone users.

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About Us

Inspired Flight produces reliable, data-secure, American-built drones designed for any commercial industry.

We strive to be the industry leader in providing leading-edge drone technology to the commercial UAV market. Our flagship products are the Bernoulli 3 fully-integrated smart motor and the IF750 quadcopter series, a modular drone solution built for commercial use.

How It All Started

Inspired Flight was founded on the belief that drones will shape the future. As a US based and owned manufacturer Inspired Flight provides cutting edge technology to many rapidly growing industries adopting drones into daily operations. From the very beginning we have been dedicated to providing innovative solutions. The Bernoulli 3 is the world’s first fully integrated drone motor and the IF750 line of drones enable end users to accomplish their missions with ease and reliability. Based in San Luis Obispo, California our team is passionate about positioning Inspired Flight at the forefront of the commercial drone industry.