The Future of the Drone Industry During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Future of the Drone Industry During the COVID-19 Pandemic

There’s no question that COVID-19 will leave a lasting impact on our globe, and as we deal with these unprecedented times, it’s important we look ahead to how our industry will respond. COVID-19 has forced companies to shift priorities, with production and internal development delayed for many in the drone industry. Once we emerge from this crisis, the question remains, will adoption of commercial UAV technology help alleviate future global disasters like the one we find ourselves struggling with today?

With the current restrictions on business, many executives are wondering how they can better mitigate the negative impact of Coronavirus and better prepare for the future. The integration of drones in many industries is still in its infancy, but those who have dedicated drone programs are seeing the benefits. We’ve seen MedTech companies use drones to deliver important supplies and services to hospitals and those quarantined, while law enforcement in some cities across the world have deployed drones as a way to patrol lockdown compliance. Although there was no way to predict the current climate, the publicized advantages for companies with deployed drone operations will spur wide-spread adoption of the technology once social-distancing guidelines have been relaxed.

The advantage of drone technology is clearer now that the world is stuck at home. Of course, there are the aforementioned situationally forced applications like delivery and patrol, but it’s the more ‘traditional’ applications that will drive commercial adoption. The ability for a 2-person UAV pilot team to quickly and safely perform an aerial survey, inspect essential infrastructure, or create a digital twin of an ongoing development represents a solution to ensure continuity in essential business operations while making sure employees adhere to local distancing guidelines. Commercial drones allow jobs that have always required boots on the ground to be done more remotely and in alignment with a virus stricken world. As contingency plans are re-evaluated and standard operating procedures evolve to better prepare for a similar future situation, drone technology stands to become a necessary tool throughout the world.

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We have seen companies across the globe benefit from drone programs, which have allowed them to continue business during this time of global stay-home orders. Whether or not your company has adopted drone operations, trying times like these have showcased the many capabilities drone technology presents during emergency situations. With the continued growth of the commercial UAV industry, the possibilities are limitless in the ways drones can aid our society and nation.

Wishing you and your families the best of health as we collectively look towards an optimistic future.