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If1000 Hexacopter

Powerful lift and longer flight times mean more powerful sensors and more efficient operations for the enterprise. Lidar sensors, hi-res optical cameras, and powerful EO/IR cameras come together with secure datalinks to provide an immediately deployable solution for industrial UAV applications.

  • Secure Datalinks

  • Durable Design

  • Payload Flexibility

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Imaging Systems

The IF1000 Hexacopter is closely integrated with both the Gremsy S1 & T3, allowing users to choose the necessary imaging sensor. Remote camera control and live geotagging is a key component of the IF1000’s ecosystem. Available Trimble MB-Two RTK GNSS for 1cm precise positioning.

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The IF1000’s lift capacity facilitates the simple integration of Lidar sensors and IMU’s, capable of supporting any payload weighing under 3.3 kgs. The intuitive ground station allows for easy autonomous mission setup, enabling surveyors to process and deliver actionable data faster than ever before.

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Compatibility with any commercial EO/IR camera makes the IF1000 perfect for security and ISR missions. This pairing enables efficient inspections of physical assets such as pipelines and solar panels. Inspired Flight has experience integrating mil-spec cameras and sensors for critical & defense applications, contact us to learn more about our project history.

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Inspired Flight will work with your team to tailor specific OEM solutions for your target application or market. With a modular architecture and open-source operating system, the IF1000’s integration possibilities are only limited by your creativity

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Powerful Lift

The IF1000 is capable of supporting heavier payloads with longer flight times. With an emphasis on endurance, we ensure our systems are mission ready and built to last.


Flight Control

Utilizing QGroundControl for autonomous mission planning provides a familiar and intuitive experience to operators. This intuitive ecosystem combined with the UAV’s easy-to-use architecture enables all users to perform safe and consistent flight operations.


Data Transfer

Versatile payload interfaces and robust video downlinks help to streamline the data capture process. With data collection & processing done in real time, deliver actionable solutions quicker and easier than ever before.

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Transparent Sourcing Practices

Built in the USA

All Inspired Flight systems are pursuant to NDAA section 848. Design and manufacturing of our UAV’s is performed in California, USA.

Scalable Data Security

Our drone platforms provide your organization full control and clarity over your vehicle’s data security. The vehicle can be modified to include required encryptions, frequency bands, and data links.

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As a supplier to critical & governmental enterprises, we understand that confidence and trust in the system are essential to any successful deployment. Safety has and always will be our first priority, advanced safety protocols within the vehicle alongside extremely robust testing procedures & quality assurance ensure your mission is completed reliably.

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Key Performance Specifications

  • Payload Capacity

    3.3 kg

    (7.3 lbs)
  • Max Takeoff Weight

    9.9 kg

    (21.8 lbs)
  • Wind Resistance

    22 knots

    (up to)
  • Max Ground Speed

    18 m/s

    (40 mph)
  • Operating Temp Range

    -10 C - 50 C

    (14 F ~ 122 F)

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