IF1200 Press Release

IF1200 Press Release

July 28th, 2020 – Inspired Flight Technologies Inc., a California-based UAV manufacturer serving both commercial and Federal markets, introduces the IF1200 Hexacopter, a robust 8kg (17.6 lbs.) lift, NDAA-compliant UAV platform built for Defense and Geospatial applications. Developed in conjunction with DoD customers as an alternative to the grounded DJI M600, the IF1200 provides Federal & Commercial enterprises a rugged UAV platform fully designed, manufactured, and supported in the The USA. Driven by Inspired Flight’s continued work for the US Government, all Inspired Flight UAV’s are designed and built in California pursuant to the National Defense Authorization Act Section 848.

Designed to meet or exceed the M600’s capabilities - with superior ruggedness, flight performance, and an open-system architecture - the IF1200 provides commercial enterprises an opportunity to adopt US-made hardware built to handle the world’s most critical applications. The IF1200 rounds out Inspired Flight’s family of vehicles and expands its capabilities by providing a cost-effective, heavy-lift the solution to operators seeking an upgrade within their UAS fleet.

The IF1200 can integrate with any auxiliary system meeting size and weight requirements. A universal payload interface supports a multitude of potential solutions including Lidar systems, gimbaled sensors, and OEM payloads. Encrypted data transmission capabilities allow for secure & reliable ops with up to 10km range and 1080p/60fps video transmission.

The IF1200 complies with NDAA Section 848 and uses no Chinese electronics. By designing vehicles that reflect these requirements, Inspired Flight is furthering its commitment to building up the domestic UAV industry. As CEO, Marc Stollmeyer states, “Developing and manufacturing the most rugged and reliable hardware in the commercial drone industry has been our mission since day one. The IF1200 truly realizes that vision and provides users a system they can rely on day in and day out.”

Robust and reliable hardware, along with transparent business practices has enabled Inspired Flight to establish trust and become a leading domestic UAV manufacturer in a rapidly evolving industry.