If750 Quadacopter

The ultimate tool for industrial UAV applications, the IF750 quadcopter couples payload adaptability with a robust architecture to bring operational efficiency to the next level. The IF750’s flexibility allows for multiple full-stack solutions, facilitating physical asset inspections, geospatial applications, defense applications, and much more!

  • Secure Datalinks

  • Durable Design


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Transparent Sourcing Practices

Built in the USA

The IF750 and the rest of our drones are made in our San Luis Obispo, California facility. Because our products are American-made, you’ll have no worries about quality. You don’t have to fret about compliance either, as they’re pursuant to the National Defense Authorization Act Section 848, which prohibits procurement and operation of foreign-made unmanned aircraft systems.

Keeping Your Recordings Secure

Data security will always be a concern when it comes to electronic devices, even drones. Consumers worry about maintaining control over the data their drones transmit. If you primarily use your own device for security and surveying purposes, it’ll be a nightmare for them if your sensitive data gets stolen. Inspired Flight Technologies ensures your information is secure when using our products. Here are the security features for our IF750 Quadcopter.



2 Battery

Dual Battery Charger included


2 Spare

Ground Station

Tablet not included

IF750 Document

User Manual & Quick Start Guide

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As a supplier to critical & governmental enterprises, we understand that confidence and trust in the system are essential to any successful deployment. Safety has and always will be our first priority, advanced safety protocols within the vehicle alongside extremely robust testing procedures & quality assurance ensure your mission is completed reliably.

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Key Performance Specifications

  • Payload Capacity

    2.0 kg

    (4.4 lbs)
  • Max Takeoff Weight

    6.2 kg

    (13.7 lbs)
  • Wind Resistance

    22 knots

    (up to)
  • Max Ground Speed

    18 m/s

    (40 mph)
  • Operating Temp Range

    -10 C - 50 C

    (14 F ~ 122 F)

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