Introducing the IF1000 Hexacopter

Introducing the IF1000 Hexacopter

Inspired Flight Technologies Inc., a California-based UAV manufacturer serving both commercial and federal markets, introduces the IF1000 Hexacopter, a robust 3.3kg (7.3lb) lift UAV platform built for geospatial, defense, and custom applications. Designed to adapt around an enterprise’s specific requirements, the IF1000 serves as an excellent OEM platform for organizations looking to build a fleet of drones tailored around their unique application. Driven by Inspired Flight’s continued work for the US Government, all Inspired Flight UAV’s are designed and built in California pursuant to the National Defense Authorization Act Section 848.

The IF1000 builds upon Inspired Flight’s successful IF750 line of quadcopters that are currently being deployed and put to work across the globe in industries such as Mining, Construction, Security, and R&D. Built to adapt, and employing rigorous data-security protocols, the IF1000’s open-source ecosystem and modular architecture allow for the integration of any payload or additional on-board sensors to efficiently accomplish unique mission objectives.

Optional features and full-stack industrial configurations include: HD video-streaming, companion computers, fully integrated Optical and EO/IR imaging solutions, RTK GNSS, and a parachute recovery system. Geospatial configurations are available through our continued partnership with LIDAR USA as their exclusive supplier of US-built electric UAV’s.

The IF1000 stands to revolutionize industry practices by providing a more efficient and cost-effective UAV platform than ever before. As CEO Marc Stollmeyer puts it, “The IF1000 changes the game for businesses adopting industrial UAV platforms into their standard operating procedures. Through its unique advantage of adapting to mission-specific requirements, the IF1000 will become a native fit into a company’s toolbox and deliver actionable results that drive the company’s bottom line.”

Robust and reliable hardware, along with transparent business practices has enabled Inspired Flight to gain trust and become a leading domestic UAV manufacturer in a rapidly evolving industry. Originally founded in late 2016 as a motor and components manufacturer, Inspired Flight scaled their innovative design philosophies to build full-fledged domestically-produced UAV platforms with a mission to improve and innovate upon the quality and reliability of available commercial platforms.