The Bernoulli 3 comes with a built-in Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) and RGB Navigational-Lighting in one innovative solution.

The Bernoulli 3 is engineered for extreme durability and reliability and is capable of performing in nearly any condition. The internal ESC is conformally coated to protect from wet conditions (IP-65 certified).

Motor Size- 3515 RPM per Volt- 450 kV Shaft Size – 4 mm Weight: – 184g Input
Nominal Voltage Range: 14.8V – 29.6V
Maximum Voltage Range: 10.0V – 34.0V
Recommended Battery: 4s – 8s LiPo
Max Continuous Current: 25 Amps
Max Burst Current: 35 Amps
Mounting Bolt Pattern: 19×19, 19×25, & 25×25