The Harrier ballistic parachute systems are the latest tech developed by Fruity Chutes. It is specifically designed for INSPIRED FLIGHT IF750 Quadcopter frames. Easy to install, non-destructive, reusable, and user serviceable. This add-on feature gives the peace of mind that your investment is protected and most importantly, safe in the event of an emergency.

This accessory is a must for flight over people or flight over expensive property. The launch mechanism is triggered by a servo, requiring very little power to deploy the chute. The launch mechanism itself is a spring, which allows for quick reset and reliable deployment. Ballistic’s parachute launchers allows safe deployment of the parachute without tangling in the props.

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Comes With:

  • One fully assembled Harrier Ballistics Launcher
  • One 66″ Parachute rated for up to 6.2 KG
  • One Harness and Carabiner
  • IF750 Frame Mounting Kit for Harrier 66
  • Certificate of Certified Parachute Repacking

The Certificate of Certified Parachute Packing allows users to easily apply for a flight-over-people waiver, which is mandatory for all commercial operations over people. These waivers are given by local FAA officials. The number one thing they look for is whether or not your aircraft has a parachute system. Private or non-commercial flight do not require a waiver or parachute system (though is strongly recommended).

INSPIRED FLIGHT recommends users repack parachutes every 12 months to ensure the parachute is in prime condition. INSPIRED FIGHT offers servicing & repacking on the above system, which comes with a new Certificate of Certified Parachute Packing. Users can repack the parachute themselves if the certificate is not needed.

INSPIRED FLIGHT & Fruity Chutes are not responsible for damage or injury resulting from improper use of the above system. If you are not sure or are not comfortable about installation of the Harrier or packing of the parachute, refer to your manual, instructional videos, or call a Fruity Chutes or INSPIRED FLIGHT representative.

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