Capable of handling up to 140 amps at 8s voltage (33.5v) for extended periods of time. This Power Distribution Board (PDB) effectively distributes power to all systems on your aircraft. The only soldering required to the PDB are the battery connectors, which allows the user to connect his/her batteries in any configuration. The PDB has reverse polarity protection, ensuring no electronics are damaged should the battery accidentally be connected backwards. The PDB also has a conformal coating (IP-65) for protection against high moisture environments.

The Outputs include:

  • Four XT-30 Motor Connectors
  • One XT30 5v rail
  • One XT30 12v rail
  • One XT-60 Connector for Auxiliary Systems

The 5v power rail has redundant power regulators ensuring a secure and reliable 5v power supply to the flight controller. Both the 5v and 12v rail have three levels of electrical noise filtering, (>10x reduction) allowing sensors and video footage to be free of any rippling effects. Amperage data, voltage data, and 5v is sent through a Pix PowerCon connector directly to a PixHawk 2.1 (or similar) flight controller.